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Get a whiter smile today with us.


Walk into any room with beautiful teeth and people pay attention.

While smoking, drinking coffee, tea and red wine can lead to superficial tooth stains, aging and genetics play a role as well. It’s a frustration for people who do everything they can to prevent tooth stains – flossing, brushing regularly, eating healthy – and wind up with them anyway.

Here’s the bottom line: people want to love their smile again. That’s why every year millions of Americans turn to a variety of teeth whitening products. We can help!

How much difference will I see in the shade of my teeth and how long do results last?

In 1 hour, your teeth can brighten up to 7 shades whiter and results can last up to 18months; but, results do vary! 


Results are based on the current shade of the teeth, how many sessions are completed, overall health and state of teeth, what you eat and drink and lifestyle choices such as smoking. The darker the teeth the more sessions you will need to lighten them.


Having periodic touch up treatments and use of at home products can keep your teeth whiter longer as teeth whitening is not permanent.


What if there are uneven areas of bleaching?

You may notice white spots or areas that are whiter than the rest of your teeth while you are getting treatment. These spots were already on your teeth before bleaching (whether they were noticeable or not), and as the teeth become lighter the spots become more visible and whiter during the first few days after treatment.


However, the contrast between these spots and the rest of the teeth will even out over the course of your treatment(s) and not be noticeable. Some teeth may also be banded (areas on the tooth that are lighter/whiter than other areas); again this was present before your treatment but may be more noticeable after your teeth are whitened because the lighter areas will whiten before the darker areas.

Can I get my teeth whitened if I have crowns, fillings or braces?

Teeth whitening can sometimes remove stains from dental work and restore its original shade, however, you cannot receive treatment if you currently have braces.


If there are stains on caps, crowns, etc. the stains may lift but will only whiten to their original color; teeth whitening treatment will not make them whiter than they originally were.


More Information to Consider: 

Teeth whitening is not recommended while you are pregnant.

Your teeth should be in good condition (no holes, broken, infections) and you should have had them cleaned within the last 6-12 months.

Teeth whitening is recommended for people age 18 and over.

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